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Concept: a small child whose imaginary friend is Superman. He talks to “Superman” all the time, completely unaware that Clark can in fact hear everything he’s saying. The child and associated adults are infinitely surprised when reply letters from Superman start appearing in their mailbox

#clark is just#goin about his business#fightin bad guys and smashing through walls#listening to this little kid tell him about school today and soccer practice and#how his mom is making spaghetti for dinner and does superman want to come??#one of these days he’s probably going to do it#hello it is I superman#I heard there was spaghetti?? 

When Allie was four, everyone thought it was cute. Oh, that’s so adorable, they all said. Oh, look at her, with Superman. How darling. How sweet.

Of course, when Allie was six, everyone thought her play should be girlier. But that’s another story.

Now, Allie is nine, and everyone thinks she’s too old for an imaginary friend. They all think something is wrong with her, and her parents are getting worried. Why won’t she make any real friends? they wonder. Does she even try?

The truth is, Allie does try. But she doesn’t want to tell her parents that no one at school likes her. She’s a loser there, no way does she want to bring that home with her. She knows her parents won’t think badly of her if she’s not popular, but grown ups can be just as mean as the bullies that are still Allie’s age, and she doesn’t want her parents’ acquaintances (a-c-q-u-a-i-n-t-a-n-c-e-s, what is that stupid extra c for?) gossiping about her to them and making them worry even more.

So Allie still talks to “Superman”. She knows he’s not real, but she’ll still insist he is to anybody who tries to tell her otherwise. On principle (p-r-i-n-c-i-p-l-e, not p-r-i-n-c-i-p-a-l), because she knows they’re just trying to be mean. The real Superman obviously has better things to do than listen to her, but sometimes she pretends he does, and that he likes her. She can think that if she wants, because there’s no way to prove he doesn’t unless if you just asked him, and nobody can just ask Superman something except Lois Lane. So there.

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I feel like I should help spread the news about the events occurring in Oaxaca, Mexico right now. In Nochixtlan, a small city in the state of Oaxaca, is under military and police attack following teacher-led protests against the privatization of public education and the other harms to the education system. Many teachers, students, parents, townsfolk, and protestors are being hurt, taken away, and murdered. People are being denied treatment in hospitals–most likely a police tactic to suppress the protestors. A member of my family has been killed. 

So far, military aggression has escalated.

The Oaxaca government is corrupt and the education “reforms” in Mexico are hurting the poor and ethnic groups of not just the Mixteca but of all Mexico. With censorship being a thing for Mexican social media, this is my minuscule contribution to raising awareness to the situation. 

Sayra Cruz and Jose Maria Alvarez, “Clashes Between Police, Teachers Leave 6 Dead in Mexico,” AP, 20 June 2016

Mexico: 6 Killed as Police Descend on Protesting Teachers in Oaxaca,” Democracy Now!, 20 June 2016


Saying “[Insert character] is [insert headcanon] sorry I don’t make the rules” is the fastest way to ensure I won’t like your headcanon.


as much as its fun to laugh at these brexit memes i don’t want anyone to forget how serious this actually is. i have one of my housemates crying in my room bc her career relied on the uk being a part of the eu (she wanted to go into foreign diplomacy). my mum is freaking out because the uk basically just put xenophobia and racism ahead of its own interests and she doesn’t know what that means for her immigrant self, or her british born foreign children. my brother-in-law who works for a french company is terrified that his job won’t be there tomorrow. i’m living in the netherlands rn and the pound has plummeted so much that the money i budgeted at the start of this month is no longer enough for me to make rent and eat. this is just the beginning and this is only how brexit is effecting one singular person (me). i can’t even imagine the wider damage this is gonna cause.

Paypal’s new honeypot scheme for adult content creators







So they added a new “digital adult content” drop-down item to select in your Paypal business options but when you choose it your account will immediately be closed down. Just letting everyone know so they don’t get tricked! Even though this is a selectable item IT IS STILL ILLEGAL AND AGAINST PAYPAL POLICY TO SELL “SEXUALLY ORIENTED MATERIALS OR SERVICES”

Posted this on twitter earlier but I cannot stress enough how fucked up this is. Paypal users, please be careful.

I didn’t fact check this myself, but if presented with the option NEVER tell PayPal you work with adult content.

For those who don’t have a FA, here’s what the journal says:

since I have around 14,000 watchers, I figure if I post a PSA it might help calm some of your tits.…..35829387079680
IS FAKE. note that the tweets are all carefully cropped and if you go
through paypal yourself and LOOK, that isn’t even an option.

I’m a paypal
business account holder and a senior PP user, I’ve used them about 10
years now. when I tell you digital art of the nsfw variety is ok, it’s
because I have been on the goddamn PHONE with them myself to confirm it

WHAT THEY dont ALLOW is ‘selling sex/sex services’ which if youre a
total moron, you’d label your payments in a way that w ould get you
flagged for selling SEX. they DO allow digital art for adults, adult
comics and the like. they OBVIOUSLY allow adult material, because
BAD-DRAGON is paypal verified, and you can buy DILDOES AND DONGS from
ebay or any other site that takes paypal, with PAYPAL.

do not believe the bullshit and mass hysteria going on right now.
continue your normal business, be smart. if you are selling ART, then
you list your merch as ART. but ive sent hundreds of invoices to people
and not once have I ever had to or even remotely BOTHERED to put ‘what’
in a dropdown menu, it is im selling. thats what the subject line is

if you want to not have problems with paypal, which most people never
ever have, and PP has great fucking A+ customer service, then dont be an
idiot. protect your name, your investments [artwork] and business. dont
flaunt that you’re drawing bestiality or child porn. list it as
something else.

an example is:

guy buys a 2character pic from me with a background, m/m picture with
heavy bondage and hardcore anal banging with a huge load of cum

what your invoice should look like:
Subject: 2 character digital art commission w/ background -price- -tax[if applicable]


now seriously, stop panicking. one douchebag trolling is trying to ruin a
good thing. and frankly, paypal is the most trustworthy money trading
company online TO THIS DAY. hell, when i visit a different city and try
to put gas in my bf’s car, paypal will DECLINE THE PURCHASE simply
because its not anywhere near my home address. their fraud protection is
fucking awesome, the people on phone support are awesome, and the
service is fucking FREE.

just chill out guys. really.

FYI here are screencaps of what a REAL paypal business account settings look like-
invoicing: /

Reblogging for the last bit. People need to stop freaking out without information…