Some adopts!

based on that ridiculous feud going on with the westboro baptist and pokemon go. I want to think they’re friends at least ): they always seemed like friends in the game ): 

individually they’re $7, together they’re $12. 

(the full size is 6000×6000 but idk why you’d need it that big. but it’s easier to make it a regular size than to blow up a small image). PM me and I’ll give you my paypal acct. 

I don’t know if my prices are right. I do know i’ve had trouble selling adopts before, so if you can’t afford/dont want a design please reblog! thank you thank you!

I was having a hard time writing/working on my small demo project and didnt feel like working on that nintendask piece so here we are. you guys might also see some monster girl adopts based on the brothers grimm fairy tales too!



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