I feel like I should help spread the news about the events occurring in Oaxaca, Mexico right now. In Nochixtlan, a small city in the state of Oaxaca, is under military and police attack following teacher-led protests against the privatization of public education and the other harms to the education system. Many teachers, students, parents, townsfolk, and protestors are being hurt, taken away, and murdered. People are being denied treatment in hospitals–most likely a police tactic to suppress the protestors. A member of my family has been killed. 

So far, military aggression has escalated.

The Oaxaca government is corrupt and the education “reforms” in Mexico are hurting the poor and ethnic groups of not just the Mixteca but of all Mexico. With censorship being a thing for Mexican social media, this is my minuscule contribution to raising awareness to the situation. 

Sayra Cruz and Jose Maria Alvarez, “Clashes Between Police, Teachers Leave 6 Dead in Mexico,” AP, 20 June 2016

Mexico: 6 Killed as Police Descend on Protesting Teachers in Oaxaca,” Democracy Now!, 20 June 2016


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