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It’s sad to see that the DLC characters get no custom moves,
effectively locking their meta games and damaging their positioning in
tiers when customs are available.

My name is Athorment and I’m a firm Smash bros lover. I’m
here to propose my ideas and for this entry i will be focusing on the Fateful Dragon Prince(ss), Corrin!


I’ve seen a couple of ideas out there, but their focus has been
mainly on a “Palutena-esque” set of moves that are different from each
Getting “Slow & strong Projectile” and “Quick & weak
projectile” would be understandably boring, but there’s a sense of
“Same, yet different” in some of the moves availables (Like Luigi’s
Iceball or Samus’ shotgun) that i like.
Because of this I’ve put a special emphasize in getting a mix between the two.

Keep in mind that not everyone have downloaded the DLC, so I’m
including the originals for the sake of not leaving any out of context
and for comparison between what we’ve got Vs My custom Move ideas. (Plus
I’ll be adding minor tweaks to some of them were needed)

Here’s some music if you want to listen while reading: Corrin’s Theme

But now without further ado, here are the moves!


Neutral Special***

  • Dragon Fang Shot:
    Corrin’s left hand transforms into a dragon’s mouth and fires a ball of water. A Charge & Release move, The ball of water can temporarily paralyze
    opponents in addition to sending them back. Soon after Corrin has a 2nd part Charge & Release option where their dragon hand will bite before reverting to normal, hurting and
    sending away nearby opponents.
  • Dragon Fang Crush: Corrin’s hand transforms and attempts to bite the enemy right away. It becomes a command grab that holds the enemy in place with the first bite, then finishes with a 2nd more powerful one.
  • Dragon Fang Surge: Corrin’s hand charges faster and the ball of water has considerably more resistance, eating other projectiles instead of colliding with them. The stun and knockback is lower, however. It also never performs the bite after the shot.

Side Special***

  • Dragon Lunge:
    Corrin jumps and, after transforming their arm into a spear, strikes
    diagonally down. If it hits any terrain during the move, Corrin’s arm
    will remain there, pinning any opponent caught in place. From there, it
    can be cancelled into either a kick that deals enough knockback to KO at
    130% or a jump. It can also be cancelled entirely, which can be useful
    for reading the opponent’s floor recovery.
  • Dragon Pierce: Corrin’s jump gains horizontal distance that the player can shorten. Their arm transforms into a spear that strikes diagonally down with considerable strength. It doesn’t have the pinning property, making this a more straight forward attack.
  • Dragon Kick: Corrin jumps backwards but skips the arm spear portion, going directly into the “Cancel” portions of the default so it is possibly to dive in with the kick portion right away. Considerably weaker, but provides a viable assistance to their air mobility.

Up Special***

  • Draconic Ascent: Corrin grows wings and leaps upwards. A multi-hit move that can be angled by approximately 45°, similarly to Roy’s Blazer but the hitboxes are on their body. It covers a moderate amount of distance and deals enough knockback to KO at 140%.
  • Draconic Leap: Removes the multi hit and trades it for a single hit at the start of the move. The distance covered is much greater while also going faster, making this a more reliable recovery move. The lack of hitbox during the ascent makes it easier to intercept, but the distance covered well makes up for it. It travels double the horizontal distance and adds at least a half more to the vertical motion.
  • Draconic Surge: Cuts the original distance by half, making it harder to recover. As a trade off, you can aim it in any direction while also turning it into a command grab. Corrin drags the foe with them and then releases the same blast of water the move has on the default special. KOs much earlier and you can Up B again after landing this move.

Down Special***

  • Counter Surge: Corrin uses a counter motion. When hit, Corrin turns into a dragon using
    Dragon Fang, and slams the ground. A surge of water (hence the name)
    then erupts from the ground on both sides of Corrin, launching
    opponents upwards. It has a sweetspot (The dragon’s stomp) and a sourspot (The water beside them) to prevent early kills from well-spaced moves. This move no longer stops enemies on it’s tracks, so it is possible for enemies to shield if you counter jabs or any other fast moves.
  • Counter Rage: When hit, Corrin turns into a dragon and slams the ground. It loses range due to no water coming out, but it launches opponents sideways, making this a reliably tool to gimp recoveries. The timing is also quite strict, but it’s knockback is nothing to laugh about. This move doesn’t stops enemies on it’s tracks, so it is possible for enemies to shield if you counter jabs or any other fast moves.
  • Counter Geyser: The counter releases an eruption of water in front of where corrin is standing, giving this one greater vertical reach above them. The Water Surge is also multi hit and It has little knockback, potentially allowing for a follow up attack. Because of it’s multi hit aspect, it also pressures shields if you happen to counter a jab.

With this i finish my Corrin Custom move ideas. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to more in the future.

Thanks to supersmashbroscentral for the space and I’ll be seeing you next time!


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