As an educator, I hate the bell curve system, but I really hate teachers who say, “You won’t get an A in my class.” It’s not just because it causes students to begin the semester with a feeling that they will fail the course: it’s because it is the teacher admitting to their own failure to teach. 

We are literally paid to teach a full curriculum. “I don’t give out A’s” to me translates to “I cannot 100% do my job.” There is no reason a good teacher can’t give you an 80-100% understanding of what is in the course. It’s our job to make sure you understand as much as we can. 

A class average of 50 is isn’t a statement of how hard the material is. It’s a statement that the teacher cannot complete 50% of their job.

This has some good points, but also some really really bad ones. A low class average is not always indicative of a bad teacher, and can just as likely form as a result of the students unwillingness to do the work necessary to do well. Don’t blame teachers for your inability to apply yourself.

Students!!! are rarELY!!!! LAZY!!!! they are there to learn! Teachers who assume that students are “just unwilling to do work” forget that students are people and most of them have about 258 million outside stresses that are causing them to ignore schoolwork, and! It’s still my job to engage + excite students so they want to do work! nobody wants to do busywork! 

And this post isn’t about the so-called lazy people! it’s about the students who do apply themselves and walk into a class and are told to their faces that there is no way for them to totally succeed. Education shouldn’t be like a rigged carnival game!! it shouldn’t be a gamble!!!! i believe in challenging students! I don’t believe in telling them that no matter what, they can’t win!

as for my “why not, it’s their class to teach”

  • many students rely on merit-based scholarships
  • SO many students have severe anxiety about grades and you are telling them “i’m going to be the source of many panic attacks”
  • you are not making them want to work – why bother when they’re incapable of being recognized for it?
  • students who are already struggling are going to get labelled LAZY and are going to see their grades drop even though they can’t control their ability to learn 
  • just imagine for a second that learning disabled students exist. guess who most frequently gets called unwilling to do work?
  • IT IS OUR JOB to be the medium between information and the students, not to CRUSH THEIR VERY SPIRITS

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