You have to disobey Toriel who is kind and pure 

I legit feel like I’m the only one who hated the bitch Toriel. Sans is bae tho

u come on to my post, and insult my mother

Toriel is a piece of shit thou. 

She legit doesn’t deserve to be called this AT ALL. She is not kind and pure she is selfish and awful

I mean first of all, Frisk falls down into the underground in her garden, and what does she do? Decide that you’re going to be her kid so she can play mom. Does Frisk even have the ability to consent? at the END, after you have to FIGHT HER to EVEN LEAVE and then she just decides you’re as good as dead because you won’t surrogate for her fucking dead children (or child if chara doesn’t count). Does she even consider whether or not Frisk wants to live with her? She doesn’t even respect the fact that you don’t want Cinnamon in a pie she’s baking, even though she asks you and KNOWS you want Butterscotch and not Cinnamon. And then when you disobey her? She treats you as DEAD. You’re telling me that she wouldn’t be able to protect Frisk from the other boss monsters and talk to her husband to let Frisk go? she has Asgore’s exact stats and he’s the final boss at the midpoint/end of the game. Instead she is done with you and throws in the towel. I mean she can come back after the true ending just to roast her ex-husband, but she can’t be assed to be with you the rest of the way. 

You’re not even the only kid she does this to. She has like a box of different sized shoes for christ’s sakes. Clearly other kids who fell down fell down IN THE RUINS, which she SCAVANGES, and were like ‘oh hey i actually have a fucking HOME in the NOT UNDERGROUND’ were met with similar fate. and she didn’t care then because she says that you’re ‘just like the others’

who she lets her husband kill and does nothing about. She leaves him. She literally abandons her duties on the throne to build an IDENTICAL house in the ruins. He has to run a kingdom by himself. Idk if she tried to stop him, but given how passive she is throughout the whole thing, I highly doubt it. 

And then what’s her next line of defense? a random stranger she bonds with over knock knock jokes? Is it supposed to be romantic that her only line of defense to you is some rando who has the same bad sense of humor as her? 

I feel like Toriel is very similar to Dumbledore. In the fact that they can do the most fucked up shit and give no fucks about the damage they cause, and people will still love them because of their outward demeanor and seeming “mom”/”grandpa” like. I feel like these are the types of people that make the most efficient abusers and that puts me on edge that no one calls it out but a few. 


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