Hey everybody! Lu here! 

I finally got the chance to put together a temporary commissions sheet! I’m taking these quick commissions for now, in order to earn some extra money to help out with little bills around here, and, my current goal is to help @metroid-tamer and @chaos2go on their hard times.

Eventually, when I reach my goal, I will take down these and redo my prices, but call it a holiday sale~

For REFERENCE, these are my rules:

  1. I prefer the half
    and half rule, meaning you pay half upfront and then the rest when you
    get your finished product. So if you order something for $10, you would
    pay me $5 upfront, and then the other half when you get your finished
  2. I will do MINOR adjustments based upon request. Anything
    more will result in extra charges. If you approved it in the sketch
    stage, any major adjustments must be noted there, please~
  3. I will not post the finished, full quality image until I have received my payment. Sorry, gotten scammed before :Y
  4. Please do no abuse me, I know these prices are low right now, these are
    meant to be quick and easy for me. I’ve got a limit of 2 per customer
    right now.
  5. DO NOT HARASS ME, I will get to it. I work a full time
    job and I work on the artwork on my free time, aka days off. Please
    remember this. If you continue to harass me, I will refund your purchase
    and cancel our transaction, and refuse business from you in the future.
    NOW, if you haven’t received any word or updates from me within a week
    and would like one, please, by all means, request one. I understand that
    half~ However, noting me every week, “IS IT DONE IS IT DONE????” will
    drive me nuts, so please keep that in mind.
  6. I reserve the right to refuse any commission I am not comfortable with.

Things I will draw/like to draw:

  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Animals(within reason)
  • Fantasy
  • Slight Nudity (I’m uncomfortable with some of it but I can certainly try)

Things I will not draw/do not like to draw:

  • Over-muscle-y men or women(to the point where veins are seen, etc. It’s not my forté and I’m not the best at drawing it)
  • Mecha(within reason)
  • Anti-artworks(character bashing, propaganda against certain groups/ethnicities, etc.)
  • Extreme Gore(I’m not good at blood tbh. I ain’t against it till it’s like, stuff coming out/organs, etc. //eughh)
  • Incest/Sexual Assault
  • Anything else that really just makes me damn uncomfortable

My paypal is If you would like to purchase, please contact me here, or on my deviantart, where you can also find more samples of my work. You’re also welcome to check out my artblog, greenblazinbrightthunder! Thanks for checkin’ them out! 


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