((For the shipping, I can see it happening. Eventually, if they really talked enough, I can see Gisella really caring for Boonie Belle. I don’t know if it would go a romantic route, but she’d definitely care for the princess a lot. Gotta protect her “family”, you feel me? >:0 Plus they’re both ladies in old dresses and she’d appreciate her outfit pfft. That’s something she can relate with her about. Being old.))

“Ahh Boonie, it is a great pleasure seeing you again. Tell me, was it you who happened to possess one of the statues in the library? I heard a dreadful noise and I swear I saw one of them moving. Please don’t touch those, they aren’t mine.~”

“Greetings, Grisella” the little princess bows before her eyes widen in surprise “Ah! T-that… Yes, I was merely demonstrating my ability to one of the boos. I shall be more careful as to not cause a ruckus while being a guest” she smiles with good intent


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