#Harry Potter and the Representation I Didn’t Actually Bother to Write But Still Want Credit For

Can we please stop flipping the fuck out about this? She’s not “taking credit for” or announcing anything. She is literally answering a question on twitter. And for god’s sake we already knew he was Jewish. Anyone as good with etymology and name symbolism as she is wouldn’t just give a character the last name “Goldstein” by mistake. 

Like, as a Jewish girl I am furious that all the SJ types on this website are pissed that JKR announced that Anthony happens to be Jewish, but y’all are more than happy to ignore actual problems with Jewish representation in the media, not to mention that fact that the progressive left is anti-Semitic and hostile to Jews as fuck. You want to be mad on my peoples’ behalf? I’ll make you a list. And JKR’s twitter won’t be fucking on it.

(Lauren this rant is not directed at you—this is just the first time it appeared on my dash in full form)

(He was in the first 40 students she created for the first book)

(a reason I consider reasonable as to why Wiccans were unlikely Hogwarts students)

Like for reals can we move past this?


I heard so much freaking hate about her saying there were no Wiccans and that she was taking credit for a Jewish student that had no representation and NOBODY GAVE ANY FUCKING CONTEXT.

This is absolutely adorable.


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