Files this under things white people can do that black ppl get murdered for doing

lets make this hashtag trend cause I’ve been seeing a lot of white privilege, and white supremacy in protest spaces.

Just a couple pro-tips for white people at these protests:

  1. Stay off the mics
  2. stay out of the die ins( use your visibility to hand out flyers or protect the Black folx staging the die ins from being stepped on)
  3. Don’t be cosigning “I am Mike Brown” or “I Can’t Breathe” neither of those would be true for y’all to say, when y’all say that shit it shows that you really don’t understand the forces of white supremacy and anti Blackness that devalues Black life and make you guys incapable of ever being Mike Brown or systematically suffocated because of your race. Plus, to me this is essentially the same as saying “All Lives Matter”
  4. If a reporter comes to talk to you about the movement point them in the direction of a Black protestor
  5. Don’t try to be all in front taking the attention
  6. Don’t you dare pull that “All Lives Matter” shit
  7. If you plan on doing any of these things at a protest about Black lives mattering or the lives of any and every PoC  mattering, don’t fucking show up.

#whiteprivilegeinprotestspaces #whitesupremacyinprotestspaces


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