– Stand down. This fight is over. I owe the Avatar my life. Her power is beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve. I’ll accept whatever punishment the world sees fit. And Su, I’m sorry for all the anguish I’ve caused you and your family.

-You’re going to answer for everything you’ve done!

But like what the actual fuck though?

I get it, Su is mad. Everyone is mad. Kuvira is a “horrible” person. But again… what the actual fuck. This woman is suppose to be a daughter figure to her. She just gave a sincere apology and surrendered. She willingly let them handcuff her and accepted all the punishments that will come her way. Yet Su decides to remind her that she’s gonna pay for every little shit that she’s done even after Kuvira apologized to her specifically.

Look at Kuvira’s face in the bottom screencap! That is not the face of the Great Uniter. That is a face of a child who just realize what they did was wrong, admitted to it, apologized and is still being bashed for it by their parent. I get that you have to punish them but there is a fine line between punishing and kicking someone while they’re down. Su kicks her while she’s down. She didn’t have to add the whole “you’re gonna answer to everything you’ve done” because Kuvira just fucking said she was going to! Kuvira is pitiful in these last few scenes and Su still breaks her down more.

And again, my frustration isn’t about Su being angry at Kuvira, it’s about how she treated Kuvira and how she treated Baatar.

Look at her face when Baatar is worried about his family not welcoming him back, she sympathizes and comforts him – as a mother should. But when Kuvira apologizes to her and accepts her punishments, Su basically restates what she just said in a more harsh tone.

But what kills me is how people are saying that Baatar isn’t as bad as Kuvira. Like what in the fuck. He threw his family in prison too. He built the weapon Kuvira is using to kill. He knew Kuvira would kill. He has said things to both Su and Baatar Sr. to hurt them. He let Varrick “blow himself up”. He wanted this just as much as Kuvira did. Stop pretending he’s any more innocent than Kuvira because he’s not. Both of them are equally guilty as the other. They started this thing together.

That doesn’t matter to Su though. Baatar Jr. is still her son and Kuvira is just another tyrant.

The fact that the bottom screenshot is the last we’ll see of Kuvira and the fact that she looks like that kills me. Because she no matter how old she gets, I still feel like she’s still just a child just looking for a home and wanting what the Beifong children have – unconditional love and respect. Which is why my heart goes out to her.

Do I justify Kuvira’s actions? No. But do I feel sorry for her? Absolutely.


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