You know what…


I…….I just….I can’t

This is so horrible this black female cop Cariol Horne saw a cop getting out of control during an arrest and she tried to stop him. She was punched in the face by the officer and was then  fired her and stripped her of her pension, this happened in 2006 and she is still fighting to get her pension from hr 19 years as a police officer. She is one of those ‘good cops’ people like to mention and yet she is being punished for doing whats right.

And on top of this Gregory Kwiatkowski the white cop involved wit the case got in to yet another incident in 2010 where he used excessive force during an arrest of black teen boys (one of which was the son of a Bufflo police officer), not only was he charged with excessive force but two of his partners were also charged  with shooting one of the boys with a bb gun they confiscated from the kid while he was handcuffed in the car during that arrest. Thankfully none of the kids were killed. 

If people dont get that these white cops are out of control they are lying to themselves, they are not only reckless and violent but because they are protected they can get away with shyt only to do it again to someone else. And as we can see black cops aren’t awarded that same privilege when they cross the ‘blue line’. 

Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired | The Free Thought Project


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