Now that blog is not for everyone. You can be a close friend, be interested in my OCs or simply a lurker and you may get bored.

That link above is probably a side blog that I’ll be using for silly reblogs.

What to expect: tags answered by my mood/muse…

Why two blogs? That seems kind of silly. I thought this one was established to be an OC/personal blog and you’re just going to do the same from the sounds of it. Unless you’re doing NSFW stuff now XD

Pretty much, yes. It’s the same thing, except that I will actually address everything i (for whatever reason) deem unnecessary to show up in the main one. This includes replying to rebloggables (Like this one 😛 ), Doing the “Send me x symbol and an OC” Tags but by myself (cause no one ever sends asks anyway), the sideblog is always on that “Truth hour” thing, reblogging stuff that I like but is too meh to reblog in the main one, the Sideblog is also always in “Anything goes” so yeah, that includes answering silly asks or stuff that includes NSFW tags and whatnot.

In short. My main blog has way too many standards that i want to break with the side blog while keeping the main one clean 😛 //so many pet peeves and weird thinking//

(cause no one ever sends asks anyway)” seems to be a commonly repeated phrase here. Are you referring to how you get no OC asks when the account was originally meant for that? If so, the reason might simply be because your main looks like it’s become a personal blog. You have a lot of irrelevant posts and little consistency with the original theme. I had that happen with my own. Which is why I made an OC Specific side blog.

I also don’t think I understand the difference between “standards” and “no standards” as you’ve put it up. It sounds like the secondary blog is a repeat of the first to me. You’ll do the same thing there too, just with some “not safe for work” arts and topics.

Hmmm, there’s a time around 5 pm to 7 pm here where I’m on my lowest energy wise. I’m just all “I want to sleep” but shouldn’t. Around those times i may not even draw and things escape my memory.

Specifying about asks, i mean asks related to those “Send x symbol and I’ll answer the question assigned to said symbol”. Those ‘tags’ or ‘prompts’ or whatever are the ones I never receive asks for XD

Also, having two blogs means that on the main one I’ll start removing “personal posts” and optimize it into becoming what it was intended for (ask my OCs- blog).

And what i mean with standards is that in the main one i did not reblog anything that i didn’t deem helpful to others or something socially important (Like feminist, sexist, stuff that could potentially help change those kind of problems).
I could see a post and say “Ok, this is a good/funny/etc post” or “Yeah, this fandom i like!” and that was it. I didn’t reblog those cause they would make my main blog even more personal, further deviating myself from the original intended goal. To the Side blog those go!

Athor’s Side Blog


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