I am sick to death of these ridiculous posts running loose in this site with a picture of some idiot either blowing up a condom with water or putting a condom on a hand or a foot and then adding the text “if it fits this limb or stretches this wide it can fit him and he’s just trying to take advantage of you.”

First of all! Condoms all come in different sizes, much like clothing. If you’re a size 20 and you put on pants that are size 14 IT IS NOT GOING TO FIT and if it does fit I’m willing to bet anything you feel unbelievably uncomfortable.

Ladies, that is as close of an example as I can give so you have an idea of what wearing a condom that doesn’t fit feels like.

A condom that doesn’t fit has a high percentage of breaking, not to mention that your partner will have a hell of a bad time performing due to discomfort and worry over the condom breaking. There is no greater panic than finding out the condom broke while still inside.

How does it break? The friction between flesh and latex. The fact that the latex is being stretched beyond its capacity and is under the stress of friction for more than 25 minutes are all a condom needs to break.

Second of all, those posts I am referring to are spreading horrible rumors. Just because they stretch it doesn’t mean they’ll work. Condoms aren’t delicate but they aren’t made of unbreakable material. They are meant to fit human penises. Not your fucking hand, not your fucking foot and they sure as hell are not meant to be filled with water.

The images above were taken after I tried putting a condom that doesn’t fit my boyfriend on my hand. Obviously that damn thing broke.

Never ever spread ridiculous rumors like those. It doesn’t make you funny, or edgy, and it sure as hell won’t make you popular. It just makes you a complete and total dumbass.

Here are a few links to several sites with actual information about condoms:

Trojan Condoms FAQ

Durex FAQs on condoms

Condom size chart


You should always use condoms when having sex and just because that condom doesn’t fit it doesn’t mean you should go on ahead and have unprotected sex. If it doesn’t fit, leave it for another time when both of you are prepared and willing. Find a condom that fits and use it correctly. Find a reputable site with the information you need or talk to your doctor or healthcare provider or ask a sex ed teacher but for goodness’ sake do not buy into those ridiculous posts.

And as for the people making those posts we need you to stop spreading such bullshit and stop shaming people IMMEDIATELY!

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