I made this because I’m sick of all the hate Frozen’s been getting on this site. Ignore the few grammatical errors. Also please don’t hate me. I just want everyone to get along and watch Disney movies and laugh and love each other and eat popcorn without making everything an issue of political correctness. 

You are a hero

yes t h a n k y o u OP  u r hero thank u for saving the white ppl they truly needed saving

youre not just any hero OP

youre MY hero

1) Not all Sami were white. That’s a fact. Also, a lot of Sami people have come out and said that the use of parts of Sami culture were appropriative and incorrect

2) Frozen doesn’t take place in Norway or Denmark. It takes place in a fictional country with clothing and architecture styles inspired by those areas. It would have been easy and plausible to include POC in leading roles. Like, really easy. Like the easiest thing

3) I don’t think you have any idea about demographics of Europe. I think you’re just pulling things out ya’ butt because you’re convinced that Europe=white and you are oh so wrong.

4) You’re wrong about the 20 year break after Ariel btw. Belle came after that. And then Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan all came in a span of five years. And then there was a break for 12 years where there were no Disney princesses whatsoever. Then in 2009 came Tiana. And then, bam, four white princesses within a span of 3 years. So that’s a pretty skewed statement.

5) I’m not sure why you think historically accuracy has literally anything  to do with Disney films when the movies also include dragons, horses that act like dogs, talking snowmen, talking animals and fucking fairies. And if you think that mice that can make a dress are an acceptable anachronism but POC aren’t, then that means you think fictional animals are more important than POC and guess what that makes you!

6) Moana doesn’t come out until like 2018 but there’s already talk that it could be pretty offensive considering there is a talking tiki character

7) How good Frozen was is subjective. Personally I was underwhelmed, even apart from critical analysis.

8) speaking of critical analysis, people are welcome to examine Disney movies as much as they damn well please. It doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it as well. Or appreciate it for the morals that it tries to show. But everything is open for criticism, that’s our right to criticize it.

9) There are still a sHIT TON more white characters than POC characters so if people get mad that they are again adding more white characters (because lbr the last three major disney and/or pixar movies that starred humans were all white [and nah, blurry people in the background with no names or lines don’t count, sorry]) then they’re totally entitled to feeling that way.

10) this post is bullpoopy

^ thissss yas thank.

I’m barfing all over this shitty post right now. Are white people that evil that they’ll make a fucking powerpoint to excuse a racist ass problematic thing and company. Gross. Find brown Jesus. Fast.

I think a lot of white people don’t understand racism because they’ve never been judged and oppressed based on their color.  They need to be educated.  And instead of seeking ‘enlightenment’, they make these sorts of posts to try to rationalize why they don’t see the need to include equal representation for everyone (“I’M represented, so why is everyone else so upset?”).  The “historical accuracy” thing is super major bullshit.  The travel thing is also super major bullshit, especially because, historically, people traveled A LOT.  The Ancient Olympics were used as a cultural marketplace because everyone traveled to watch the games; you think people wouldn’t travel for a coronation?  WRONG.  In addition, from what I know about the industry, Dramaturgs aren’t used for every project…so I don’t know what the shit you’re thinking.

Ok. to all people that follow me (the 2 of you), I’m sorry that i have to share this with you. I know some of you are pretty much tired of the issue already, but reading this i couldn’t help but feel sick.

First things first. THis is the only reblog I’ll ever do on the matter.

second, this is addresing the 3 people above. You are actually not helping your case. Your arguments might be valid, but your word choice is horrible. I’m a latino btw, I’m not a white who is feeling offended because whatever. I read your posts and felt my blood boiling. However, It didn’t boil towards racism or white washing. I’m more pissed off at you even if you may be Right. Want to know why?

Cause you are offending to make up your case. “I’m barfing all over this sitty post”. You know how much i loved reading that right? the moment i read that my brain said “Nope”, disconnected itself and erased any validity it might have considered from your post. Because of how mean you guys and girls are being, i can’t help but stand in the middle of the arguments and scream “Shut up!” to my inwards. 

There might be people who play dumb and need this attitude to slap them in the face. There are also some people who are legit ignorant and can learn if you are patient enough for them.

I wanted to share a gif set, but i couldnt find it. It had a man and a woman, both said they liked girls and the man asked “Who hit you to become a lesbian?”. the girl intelligently replied “Who hit you to like girls too?”. He said “No one” and she added “same”. His expression and conclusion in the final gif “Ooooh, I learned something new today 😀 ”

That was the whole gifset. Someone who is ignorant and someone being patient enough to show them where they were wrong. Level of insults and words used: zero, nada.

I’m but ranting now and I’m terribly sorry, but I’m sick of you people hating on “Frozen” for whatever reason and acting all high and mighty about political correctness and pointing fingers. You are not solving things with that attitude. You are slapping people in the face and saying “I’m right. You are wrong”. You are being part of the problem.

If you really wanted to bring a solution, you would add links for people to educate themselves (cause really? “They need to be educated.”? We are not dogs or anything. If we want to, we can do so ourselves with helpful articles on the matter. If we want to, we can tell you to shut up and ignore you even if you may be right), you could also… you know, correct people when they are wrong and stop spreading hate? Cause Racism is a race hating on another race, right? if you are hating and insulting… aren’t you being a bit racist? And before you tell me all the hell people of color go through with inequality and such, let’s think that your movement gets strong enough to turn the tides. If you were being polite, i imagine it would stop on equality. If you are hating, wouldn’t it turn then into a racism where if you are not of color, you are screwed? Think about that for a second.

I remind you that I’m ranting. If you add your feedback and adress me, chances are I’ll ignore them cause I’m just pissed at the whole topic and want to “Let it go” already. (Yes, now I’m using comedy and puns from the movie to try and calm myself down).

As an aspiring animator, artist and human being i just want to give you MY OPINION on the matter of Disney and the “white washing” and “racism” you are blaming it of now…. Again, I don’t think you are solving things. Blaming someone and asking them to change that stuff… is that all that can be done? really? Best case scenario: Disney changes their ways and starts making movies with what you want. BUT PEOPLE STILL WONT BE HAPPY CAUSE MASSES CAN BE STUPID TOO. there will still be people blaming them for racism and pointing at movies they did 50 years ago! They will look at how they portray cultures and say “THat’s innacurate! They should go die in a hole for being racist!” And to all of you i say Shame on you.

I’m not going to defend Disney. I’m not going to attack you for bashing on Disney. All what I’m going to do is to try and contribute with a solution. One that you can either agree on or bash.

What is this solution i speak of you say? Well, sure… people need to know what racism is and whatnot. Some teens here in Mexico are explained about safe sex and violence. There are still teens getting pregnant and killing people. That might mean it’s a society problem. That’s not the point. The point is that there are people screaming and pointing fingers the same way you are doing right now. The point is that the only way we will get movies about “Proper culture and race representation” is not by nitpicking on those who can do them for not doing them. They have their ideals. They might be BS, but they are things they believe in. What we need is of more films and animation with actual “Proper culture and race representation”.

I hope there will be a time where the people that critique will realize that criticizing might be their right… but it’s useless if they don’t help by bringing out a solution. Saying that someone or something sucks without saying why won’t help them fix it themselves to stop sucking.

I wish for the time where people who realize that “Disneyfying” is something that Disney does, You know? Pocahontas might not be the American woman that existed. But i would rather show Disney’s Cinderella than read to them the original version where the Step Sisters freaking cut pieces of their foot so that they could fit in the shoe and try to trick the prince. For those who still don’t get it: Disney is inspiring themselves on actual fairytales. They can’t be 100% accurate with their depictions. Disney is also the one that is doing the movies.

I believe there will be a time where there will be as many movies with “Proper culture and race representation” that the “Uncultured racists” movie makers will have to do more research, adapt or stop.

Because really, I understand where people are going with these critiques of social justice and political correctness they are doing… but so far i only hear “There are too many racists” and whining and offending other people who happen to be human beings and that may or may not be open to learning what you had to say, but because of your tone and word choice and attitude, decide to close up and decide that whatever it is you were trying to get across is not worth their time.

I love Elsa’s design. I wish they had explained why she has ice powers MORE than seeing her as a dark skinned girl. If she had been a dark skinned queen… then i dont care EITHER, they still didn’t explain why she has ice powers! (or maybe i didn’t hear that part. idk)

You know what the above paragraph reminds me of? Those photos of girls dressed as boys and boys dressed as girls. You know who cared for the boy wearing a dress? the other parents that believed that was inadequate. You know how many children cared for that boy wearing a dress? None.

Disney gets to choose what they can do and what they will not do with the movie. They made it a musical so there couldn’t be as many “Explaining” sections because of the many songs they added. Don’t like it? go watch something else. Don’t ruin it for those who loved it. 

All this frozen Spoilers AND HATE freaking ruined it for me. Sure, i wasn’t expecting a musical and some of the songs where too cheesy for my taste. But, if i want to use the movie to share opinions on how different and varied Antagonists can be… then guess what? There will be that person that will say “But it’s racist because characters are not black. hur durr” and it’s frustrating me to no end. I can’t love Frozen because i feel that others are telling me not to and you may think that’s stupid but i can stop and remind you of those parents that tell their boy that “he can’t wear pink and that it’s not ok because that’s a girly color”. See where I’m getting at?

I’m seriously sad of all this.

Disney is not expecting YOU to take THEIR movie as a reference to how other cultures are. THEY want you to have FUN watching the movies. THAT IS ALL.

There might be “obscure meanings behind it” that people can nitpick about, but i got none of them as a child. I dont care what that hawaiian word in Lilo & Stitch might mean, I only care about how they are a “Family that sticks together despite the odds” and that was the message i got as a kid. I never got if those two aliens were acting like a gay couple (which the fandom likes to point out alot), i just see two aliens being silly but happy.

*heavy sigh* I should stop my rant sometime soon… I think i only have two more subjects to address, one of them being voice acting (which by the way is lost in other languages) and how people don’t like white people voicing other cultures. If only there was enough money to bring a voice actor from the specified country and time period who also has the accent, adequate voice, works well with the team and happens to speak English as well… Oh wait, the point is to be accurate right? they shouldn’t be speaking english but their native language. Oh? then people wouldn’t understand a thing? then i guess being inaccurate is right, right? they can speak English with some foreign accent and… huh? what’s that you say? It can’t be just any accent? What then? What do you people want that will make you happy? Seriously, voice acting can only be critiqued if the actors don’t portray the adequate emotion or dont sound like the character. I think that’s all that should matter.

The other and last thing to address is how it’s either White washing or Racism. Put a little bit of another culture, but interpret it so that it fits the fantasy lore THAT YOU ARE CREATING? Nope… you are a racist and is offending some 3rd party. Oh well, then you should avoid putting foreign culture to prevent problems right? WHITE WASHING. What now? should i hire actual Russians if i want to make a russian movie? But sometimes there’s no money for that. Heck, sometimes there isn’t enough money to even make an in depth investigation and ask the adequate country (who mind you, will also need to hire a translator if they don’t speak english). “Oh, but it’s Disney! They surely have the money to–” NO, they just cut their traditional animation department! Do you think money grows in trees? If it doesnt make enough money, it’s not worth it. Disney makes animation but is also a business! What else is there to do when there’s no money? I guess you, as a white… should only do movies about white people right? Yeah! That is the only way to be politically correct! That will make people happ– “But why is it always the white hero? There are more races like latino, black, japanese, etc! Make one of those the hero!” FRICK! nothing will please everyone ladies and gentlemen.

Rant Over. I’m sorry. I had to Rant and submit this. I’m just so distraught cause this is the first time what others have said has ruined a movie for me. Next time my 6 year old cousing asks me to draw Olaf for her, that’s the only character that I will happily draw due to being reminded of people that hate? idk, i just know that as much as i love Elsa and Frozen, i can’t explicitly say so or else tumblr will jump at me and say “Oh, but the animation in one scene is wrong! And they are also being racists!” and i just want everything to shut up.

Ursula above says “2) Frozen doesn’t take place in Norway or Denmark. It takes place in a fictional country with clothing and architecture styles inspired by those areas. It would have been easy and plausible to include POC in leading roles. Like, really easy. Like the easiest thing.”

Yeah, it would have been the easiest thing. But it is also plausible that in this fantasy world, they didn’t include as many because that’s the way they liked it. And it’s ok. It’s Fine. Maybe in this fantasy world they didn’t even exist. How’s that? That’s like, really easy. Like, the easiest thing.

Thank you everyone (and this is sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell) Thank you oh so much for ruining this movie for me and some of my friends.

Next time i think of racism and white washing and whatnot I’ll remember you “Barfing all over the white’s post”. It will surely make me want to hear more about this societal problem and how to fix it. Yes, I thank you a lot (Still sarcasm)

Rant over.

Reminder, if you reblog and attack me/Add your feedback in response to me, i may not read it. Period. I’m done with this topic. I just want to enjoy movies and listen to their life messages, not some conspiracy about why the movie is wrong in some way. I already have the real world to listen to for that.


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