“Good night everybody. I’m Veronica Goldbat, I’m being told that i need to specify I’m a Golbat Gijinka (Whatever that means) and I’m 21.

I dont quite understand how you can all be awake during day and sleep at night, you are doing it reversed! It’s on the night that the fun begins. I carry my umbrella at all times in case that I have to keep myself awake during day, but I’ll be terribly sleepy so don’t expect me to be at 100%

I like walks under the moon light, reading, sleeping upside down on comfortable dark caves places and singing, Even if I’m not allowed to sing in recitals because of my supersonic voice.

I dislike the sun with a passion, extreme heat & extreme colds, being hitted with special Attacks and overall being treated like a freak or being left out because of my clan name.

I’m overall a pretty active girl when it comes to it and pursuits with my prey friends are specially thrilling. I might sometime leech the life out of them, but as a lady, I only take what i need to appease my hunger.

So what do you think of me? we can be friends, right? We are not very different from each other… I just have my moments.”


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